Fashion show

Stripped emotions

Monday 19/08/2024 19:00
Moravian Square - park

What if we were to take a moment away from the gaze of others and let the power of all our inner dreams manifest?

We wanted to strip fashion of its glamour and show people that it is not just an unattainable illusion, but can also be a materialised emotion in the form of models.

Therefore, the show will gradually gain strength and emotion in harmony with the live music.

We are an artistic duo

Nikola Kovářová and Adam Vejtasa

Graduates of the Secondary School of Art and Design and the Higher Vocational School in Brno.

Live music will accompany the entire programme:

Singing- Hana Hana,

Transverse Flute - Ondřej Nedorost

Harp- Dominika Kvardová

Marimba - Lenka Titzová.


21/6 - 21/8/2023